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MMRSK - 2008 W. Taft Rd., St. Johns, MI - 517-281-5967


Welcome to Mid-Michigan Rottweiler and Schutzhund Klub - MMRSK

MMRSK is a group of dog and handler teams, interested in training and competing in Schutzhund.

A Brief History of Schutzhund

Almost 100 years ago European Breeders were looking for methods to evaluate their working dogs. These breeds were primarily German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bouviers, Dobermans, and Giant Schnauzers.

It was determined that performance testing in 3 areas along with a pre-requisite of a basic temperament test was to be utilized. The phases to be evaluated were tracking, obedience, and protection. The sport was developed in Germany and called Schutzhund (protection dog). Only dogs that could pass all 3 phases in a single day, and could cope with the rigors of the training, testing, and overall working ability would be used in their breeding programs.

To this day, only dogs with schutzhund titles and breed tests are approved for breeding by the Head Breed Warden of Germany. Less than 1% of the total dog population has been awarded these titles. These dogs possess mental stability, self confidence, trust, guideability, and make excellent candidates for MWD (Military Working Dog), Service Dogs, Police Dogs (Dual Purpose- Narcotics and Patrol), SAR (Search and Rescue), Bomb Dogs (Scent Discrimination & Detection), as well as companion dogs.

Schutzhund being an international sport is governed by IPO Rules. This means the rules in the United States are the same for an individual trialing in Slovakia = International Standardization.

The sport has seen increased growth the past 20 years due to Schutzhund USA. Today with over 3500 members, they are well represented on a National and International Level. They with many of the working dog breeds are a member of the American Working Dog Federation. This Federations main goal is to preserve the values of the working dog. At the present time, Schutzhund is still the primary test for our working dog breeds.


We are a full member club of the USRC

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